Tricking your parents into thinking you're reading
 When you're really just on your phone
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No wonder this site died. Jesus wept.

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*waiting for the bus*
 *a wild douchebag appears*
 Yo oldy, nice mammoth beard. What the f✡✞k are you, a WW1 German General?
 Your f✡✞king face must repel chicks with that mop on it. F✡✞king shave you senile old man.
 Listen here faggot.
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That was poopin hilarious

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How normal self respecting people tell a joke.
 How Reddit / 9Gag tells a joke.
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9gag, stealing content and being obsessed with unfunny memes since 2008

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Hey Baby...
 I'm on my way home. What should we do when I get back?
 You know what I want to do...
 I want to hear you sait it...
 Yea we want to hear you say it!
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black brother is watching you

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Katy Perry Unfollows Russel Brand on Twitter
 RIP Journalism
 1456 - 2012
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You were a decent noscoper =(

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I turned 86 today.
 In 1925, I was a baby.
 I was born the same day as Yuli Daniel.
 It doesn't feel like a long time to me...
 In 1927, Metropolis premiered in Germany while I was a toddler.
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I loved it... let's us know even when you think there is no hope... life's not over

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How to Get Welfare
 1. Be black.
 2. Collect welfare check
 Damn I wish I could read
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Sad but true.A white person in the same exact situation would be denied.

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10 guy playing poker
Posted about 7 years ago
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go f✡✞k yourself

You f✡✞king count ass young lady. Repost yourself and die motherf✡✞ker.

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Zombie Bento FTW
 Does anyone else think the face on the left looks like Leonardo DiCaprio?
 I don't see it
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bad as hell, can be compared to poop jokes.

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