FAP FAP The next morning... gleep! gleep! That's a nice dog you have! Oh, thanks, you too. gleep! gleep! Don't f✡✝k this up, don't f✡✝k this up. They seem to like each other! Yeah.
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We need to go deeper....

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It was only a matter of time till they found out.

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Dear Atheists, if there is no god then explain how my neighbour is flying????
Posted 3 months ago
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Your neighbour ain't flying.
He's swinging.
From a rope.
He's apparently committed what YOU call a sin: "suicide".
NOW do you feel better? Still just as morally superior?

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hey goat what are you doing on that roof don't do it goat you have so much to live for
Posted almost 7 years ago
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No more memes tagged with "suicide" ;(