Tricking your parents into thinking you're reading
 When you're really just on your phone
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No wonder this site died. Jesus wept.

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*waiting for the bus*
 *a wild douchebag appears*
 Yo oldy, nice mammoth beard. What the f✡✞k are you, a WW1 German General?
 Your f✡✞king face must repel chicks with that mop on it. F✡✞king shave you senile old man.
 Listen here faggot.
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That was poopin hilarious

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How normal self respecting people tell a joke.
 How Reddit / 9Gag tells a joke.
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9gag, stealing content and being obsessed with unfunny memes since 2008

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Hey Baby...
 I'm on my way home. What should we do when I get back?
 You know what I want to do...
 I want to hear you sait it...
 Yea we want to hear you say it!
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black brother is watching you

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I turned 86 today.
 In 1925, I was a baby.
 I was born the same day as Yuli Daniel.
 It doesn't feel like a long time to me...
 In 1927, Metropolis premiered in Germany while I was a toddler.
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I loved it... let's us know even when you think there is no hope... life's not over

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10 guy playing poker
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go f✡✞k yourself

You f✡✞king count ass young lady. Repost yourself and die motherf✡✞ker.

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How to Get Welfare
 1. Be black.
 2. Collect welfare check
 Damn I wish I could read
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Sad but true.A white person in the same exact situation would be denied.

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Another Libertarian

It's funny because Liberals think they're some sort of Godsend yet they're the ones running us into the ground and throwing the blame on everyone but themselves.

Admittedly, Liberals do have better social policies, however it does not make up for the fact that they can't spend money correctly. Hell, they're called LIBERALS. they just throw money at problems and then ask for more and more. Republicans on the other hand CAN fix this country, but their social policies are flawed and hardcore biased.

The only way we're going to get ANYWHERE is MODERATION and EQUALITY. Liberal Social policies and Conservative Fiscal policies are the answer, yet you f✡✞kers are too "my side knows best" that "bi-partisan" is a joke that our great grandparents used to tell.

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Zombie Bento FTW
 Does anyone else think the face on the left looks like Leonardo DiCaprio?
 I don't see it
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bad as hell, can be compared to poop jokes.

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Have you watched Pulp Fiction?
 It's a great film.
 That movie sucks.
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Shit, you're going to have a hard time at high school.

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