Print out this template 2 times, cut them out and cut the lines in (they need to be a half mm wide cuts)
 And make one of these:
 -have fun-
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comics close enough diy

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Where do I get a precision laser to do the 2mm cuts?

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Son, you need to come over, the computer is acting funny
 Foxfire is slow!!!
 I can't plant crops in Farmville!!!
 *run virus scan*
 *remove 15 toolbars*
 *uninstall blahblah*
 Let me check one last thing
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porn comics parents computers

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well, his loss. would be awesomeness to have a pr0n night with your parents. everyone sits naked and watches their fav pr0nos

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Fuck, I'm so high. TIME FOR SOME F✑✝KIN MUSIC! he he he he (CLICK) YES. Wait whats this hm? Show Visualizer CLICK!
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comics drugs music

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Black Stallion

lol everyday!

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Getting my hair cut while a little girl gets her hair cut next to me Little gir's mom Whose hair do you want you hair to look like? iCarly? Miley Cyrus? Luke Skywalker
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kids comics star wars challenge accepted

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@wat: He's not a pedophile because he found that picture. He is a Star Wars fan.

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le sexy time with gf OK, we can try without condom. insertion 5 seconds later...
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comics sex epic

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I Tried To Pass Him...
 But He Peeled Out.
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comics cars win

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Is that a dead body in the 3rd seat back?

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dogs comics animals keanu reeves

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[email protected]

Just crazy!!!LOL!!!!

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How to Get Welfare
 1. Be black.
 2. Collect welfare check
 Damn I wish I could read
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comics racism

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Sad but true.A white person in the same exact situation would be denied.

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I turned 86 today.
 In 1925, I was a baby.
 I was born the same day as Yuli Daniel.
 It doesn't feel like a long time to me...
 In 1927, Metropolis premiered in Germany while I was a toddler.
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comics war life

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I loved it... let's us know even when you think there is no hope... life's not over

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Cookie Heart for my Wife
 Bake for 13 minutes
 Then flip for even cooking
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fail comics food valentines

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Lol! Insert Bad Pun here!

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