le sexy time with gf OK, we can try without condom. insertion 5 seconds later...
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Oh man, a cute girl is coming this way. Quick, act natural! I should talk to her. Well, hello there. Hello
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Too brilliant.

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HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY Step 1: Write down the winning lotter numbers Step 2: Attent a prestigious school YALEVARD
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this comic was heavy!

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Battlestation Thread! gogogogogo
 Well I think of it as more of a 'sanctuary' than 'battlestation', but here you go.
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4chan wtf freaks epic

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How the fโœกโœžk do I respond to this

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FAP FAP The next morning... gleep! gleep! That's a nice dog you have! Oh, thanks, you too. gleep! gleep! Don't fโœกโœk this up, don't fโœกโœk this up. They seem to like each other! Yeah.
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We need to go deeper....

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