How big is the specific ocean?
 can you be more pacific?
Posted about 11 years ago
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older than yahoo itself

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Where can I learn the skyrim dovah language, and daedric too?
 Best Answer - Chosen By Voters
 In the complete opposite direction of a vagina.
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This is to man up at the top if you are going to young lady about people wanting to learn a fantasy language then don't come on the site

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What's the hardest part of being in a metalcore band?
 Telling your parents that you're gay
Posted about 11 years ago
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I just wanna leave, but it seems to hard

Where? The closet?

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What is a person from London called? My neighbour is from London and he is called Rob.
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Is alright to give my dad head?
 starts whenever we have a footrace? i am a lot faster than him and i dont want to make him feel bad if he loses
Posted almost 12 years ago
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why would Consuela want to give her dad head??

Dad : Consuela! come suck my lollipop

Consuela : no suck lollipop...uh

Dad : Come on i'll give u whatever u want.Tell me what do u need?

Consuela : We need more lemon pledge

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How can I test if my son is gay? Get some vinegar, get some baking soda. Then make a big clay volcano. Then while this is erupting, if your son is too busy sucking a lollipop, hes gay.
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I'm not sure if I'm gay guy

So true if he busy sucking a lollipop or dicks he's def. gay

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Girlfriend found weird vids I made?
 Before going out with my girlfriend I was kind of obsessed with her. I took pictures I had of her and scanned them into a japanese program that creates a 3d model of her which you can then ummmm...
Posted almost 12 years ago
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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going

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Should i give my son away?
 Im only 19 and i dont want him and my wife left us about a week ago. There is an old (late 50's to mid 60's) always hanging around walmart that said he would pay me for him. Should i sell him...
Posted almost 12 years ago
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So, looks like the guitarist of The Who can't handle a little responsibility.

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When a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH, what's a good comeback? He's sexist, and I'm trying to be witty. Well, you better comeback with godamn sandwich
Posted about 12 years ago
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Go make me a sandwich.
Go buy me some tampons.

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answer win! Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? like if you are pregnant with a baby girl, and you have sex while you are pregnant, can the sperm go up in there and impregnate the baby?
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you guys are so STUPID of course it is true it happened to my mom

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